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The name Rotshtein is been part of Israel’s construction industry for over 60 years. Since its establishment, the Company has made its mark in the public and private construction market throughout Israel.

The Company’s core values and prominent features are its meticulous adherence of engineering management and uncompromising quality.

The company is engaged in the development and construction of large residential projects throughout Israel. The Company also took part in performing complex engineering works.

A testimony to the Company’s remarkable capabilities in these fields can be found at IDF camps and bases, government facilities, Israel’s aerial industry, the nuclear research facility in Dimona, Israel Military Industries facilities, Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv, Haifa refineries, and in dozens of additional projects throughout Israel that the Company has constructed for the National Roads Authority of Israel.

The company has built and is currently building large residential complexes in Kiryat Hasharon in Netanya, Har Homa in Jerusalem, Be’er Yaakov, Ramat Gan, Modiyin, Ramat Beit Shemesh, Rishon Lezion, Lod, Kdima – Zoran, and many more location in Israel.

Signature of Financial Strength

Rotshtein Company is founded on a solid capital base, which enables it progressive initiatives and breakthrough projects, while ensuring under management supervision the Company’s financial strength.

In November 1993, as part of expanding the capital base of the company, D. Rotshtein was issued to the public and its shares are since traded in Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The Company’s managers, under the scope of their responsibility, ensured that all capital raised was referred to investments in the real estate and construction market.

Vision and Strategy

Rotshtein is a public company, operating for more than 60 years. It is one of the oldest construction companies in Israel.

Rotshtein’s luxury residence vision places the individual at the center, and the apartment is designed around the person in the center. The projects’ design emphasizes the personal needs of the resident, his or her own worldview and life style. The design is uncompromising in regards to architectural planning and perfect design, quality of materials, construction processes and quality finish.

At Rotshtein we believe that you deserve the best, and therefore, we always work with the best professionals, from architects, engineers and designers through to customer service. We provide professionalism, reliability and creativity.

We at Rotshtein believe that our home provides the best living experience.

Green Construction

Rotshtein – StrictGreenStandards

Green is not a word, it is a world view.

Many of Rotshtein’s projects are designed according to SI 5281 – Green Construction (Sustainable Construction), and as such they nurture the environment. Our projects are environmentfriendly, free of contaminants, energy efficient, and are precisely matched to the each project’s needs. When we construct a completely new neighborhood we gain total control over all infrastructures and the latest technology that enables it.

Green (sustainable) design is ecologically important to sustain our only universe. It also makes enables a perfect match to your needs and it provides huge savings in cost of living. But most importantly, it provides you healthy living environment: pollution-free, green lungs promising clear air, thermal insulation that helps to save a considerable amount of the electricity bill, and acoustic solutions to protect against noise and provide maximum privacy in your home.

Rotsthein is a member of ILGBC – Israeli Green Building Council, which is a member of WGBC – an international organization present in more than 90 countries worldwide.


The Company Covenant

Rotshtein Company hereby declares its covenant which constitutes a cornerstone of the Company and is part of its organizational culture. The Company aims to initiate and high reliability and high quality construct projects. We aim to meet our clients’ expectations in order to create a competitive advantage.

We place high value on the quality of construction and quality of service. Therefore, we have established a quality assurance system in accordance with requirements the highest standard – ISO 2009.

We dedicate resources to the implementation and operation of our quality assurance that accompanies each construction project and services rendered. We are committed to improve the quality assurance system while adapting our systems to the highest standards. The responsibility for fulfilling quality requirements apply to all of the Company’s employees.

We believe that we can fulfill the expectations of our customers now and in the future and hope that we can step together into a promising future.

The Company’s quality assurance managers, employees and the Company’s representatives are available and at your service for any inquiry.

Signature of Service

The company focuses on high-level engineering management, while ensuring sound and responsible financial management.

The Company selects its projects carefully, taking advantage of the knowledge and experience accumulated during 60 years of operation. This experience enables the company to correctly identify opportunities and produce the best possible outcome.

Shareholders and Management

CEO – Avishai Ben Haim

Avisjai Ben Haim has served in his last position as the CEO of Minrav Engineering, part of Minrav Group, engaged mainly in real estate. Previously he served as CFO of Crystal Consumer Products. He has Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) degree, B.A. in Economics – Accounting (CPA) and M.A. in Business Administration.

CFO – Roy Tuizer

Roy Tuizer served as a senior executive at Ernst & Young Israel accounting firm. He is an accountant, B.A. graduate in Economics and Accounting and M.A. in Accounting.

Engineering VP – Reuben Auerbach

Reuben Auerbach is a civil engineer, Technion graduate. He served as real estate operations manager for a group of Israeli investors in the Czech Republic, as an engineering manager at Gilatz Company, and as a project manager in “Tidhar”, “Kim Lustigman”, and more.

VP Marketing – Ortal Lieber

BA in Business Management, specializing in marketing.
Previous positions: VP of Marketing and Sales at U.Dori Group.

VP of Urban Renewal – Itay Smadar

BA in Economics, Tel Aviv University, certified real estate appraiser.
Previous positions: Director of Urban Renewal Initiation Projects at Minrav Projects Ltd., Lecturer in the Real Estate Development Course at Psagot College.

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