Urban Renewal

פינוי בינוי
זה לא משחק ילדים

Financial security is no children's game

Rotshtein is a public company that enjoys economic robustness and is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Due to its economic robustness, the residents enjoy bank guarantees according to the Sale of Apartments Law at the value of their future apartments. Of course, throughout the process the tenants pay nothing, and all the expenses are paid by the company.

Urban Renewal
How does this work?

A new home, a new future without any investment.  You can sleep quietly: Rotshtein Urban renewal provides full funding and guarantees for alternative housing,  according to your choice – including all the moving expenses – from your old apartment into the new one..

Being social is no children's game

An urban renewal process is not a short process, and therefore the company takes care to appoint a personal representative to each project, whose entire aim is to provide quick response – as part of a personal escort and a close connection between the company and the tenants’ manager. Additionally, we know that alongside the joy of moving back into a new apartment in a new buildings, there are concerns about the expenses of maintaining the common areas in the project – expenses that are naturally larger in a new and modern building. This is exactly why we are here, to escort and assist.

Five stages to a new apartment

חמישה שלבים
לדירה חדשה


Introductory meeting

A meeting with the tenants’ management to adjust the best plan for the tenants and to present the entire work process with transparency and detail.

Forms and permits

Submission to the local committee and issuance of a building permit with the relevant authorities. Issuing a new zoning plan, obtaining bank financing and issuing Sale Law guarantees.



You have a new apartment. More spacious, newer and lovelier, in a new building – just like you always wanted. Welcome home.

Formulation of a proposal

Signing an agreement at no cost to the tenants, and the assignment of a personal representative on behalf of the company who will accompany the project throughout all of its stages.

Carrying out the construction

This is the time to demolish the old building and build a new one in its place, a modern and designed building. A skilled and professional team will manage and supervise the execution of the project, from the evacuation stage of the tenants up to the last bit of color on the walls.

פגישת היכרות

פגישה עם מנהלת הדיירים להתאמת התכנית הטובה ביותר עבור הדיירים והצגת כל תהליך העבודה בשקיפות ולפרטי פרטים.


גיבוש הצעה

חתימה על הסכם ללא כל עלות מצד הדיירים וציוות נציג אישי מטעם החברה  שילווה את הפרויקט לאורך כל הדרך.


טפסים ואישורים

הגשה לוועדה מקומית והוצאת היתר בנייה מול הרשויות הרלוונטיות. הוצאת תבע חדשה, סגירת ליווי בנקאי והנפקת ערבויות חוק מכר.


ביצוע בינוי

 זה הזמן להרוס את הבניין הישן ולבנות במקומו חדש, מתוכנן ומודרני. צוות מקצועי ומיומן ינהל, ויפקח על ביצוע הפרויקט מפינוי הדיירים ועד הצבע האחרון על הקיר.


מזל טוב!

יש לכם דירה חדשה. מרווחת יותר, חדשה ויפה יותר, בבניין חדש –  בדיוק כמו שרציתם. ברוכים הבאים הביתה.