Project Description

Commercial center in Kadima-Zoran – Rotshtein’s

Rotshtein’s is a new commercial center that is currently being constructed by Rotshtein, the entrepreneur and construction company, in the northern part of Kadima-Zoran.

Rotshtein’s is constructed in order to meet a regional need in commercial areas, and includes 6,500 m2 in a various mix of retail, health and banking services, and leisure, including a 1,700 m2 supermarket, a pharmacy, healthcare clinics, a playground, banks, coffee shops, offices and a variety of shops. For the convenience of the customers, the center includes an underground parking with about 130 parking spaces.

For you – entrepreneurs, business owners, chain owners, and franchisees – Rotshtein’s in Kadima-Zoran provides an attractive business opportunity.

Business potential in perfect timing
Rotshtein’s commercial center is accessible to more than 100,000 residents of the Sharon region with high socio-economic status.
The first circle includes the residents of Kadima-Zoran in general and the residents of the new northern neighborhood (Ramat Amir) in particular, where Rotshtein’s center is located. In addition, the new road that connects Kfar Yona directly to Kadima-Zoran adds thousands of potential consumers to the immediate circle of Rotshtein’s center.
These new developments provide you with an excellent opportunity to reach a wide and high-quality consumer audience.

Exceptional architecture and finish
Rotshtein’s commercial center was designed by one of the leading architectural firms in Israel, Barely, Levitzky and Kassif Architects. The architecture corresponds with contemporary international trends that are customary in the world’s leading commercial centers, using high-quality finish materials such as glass, wood, and aluminum with a meticulous finish, giving the entire space a contemporary, inviting and high-quality character.
– A transparent elevator at the front + Alucobond cladding
– Quality glass storefronts
– “Cube” curtain wall – on the medical clinic floor
– Aluminum slats roof
– Wood-like aluminum shading element
– Granite-Porcelain exterior flooring + deck