Project Description

I TOWER – Be’er Ya’akov

For the first time in Israel, a unique and innovative residential project is built, one that places the person, the I, at the center.

I TOWER by Rotshtein in Be’er Ya’akov, two modern residential towers located at the main avenue between two parks. The towers have an innovative style and an architectural design that takes into consideration the needs of the person and the family who reside there. I TOWER presents a selection of especially large 4 and 5-room apartments, with many internal spaces, and with a rich technical specification and unique design, including splendid sun balconies.
Additionally, penthouse apartments with 5 and 6 rooms are built in the project, and for the first time in Be’er Ya’akov, there are also 6-rooms loft apartments, all of which have private terraces and roofs. Each residential tower had a styled and spacious lobby, which combines marble and stone, lowered ceilings and designed elements, inspired by the project’s styles. The environmental cultivation and the nearby parks will inspire a calm atmosphere and a sense of peace, which connects the person, the I, to his or her home.

Our special tenant’s club
As part of the “person at the center” perception and as a contribution to the tenant’s “quality time”, I Club will be built – an exceptional, styled and designed tenant’s club, which is designed to become a playroom for children, a film viewing area and a lounge area, all for the comfort and convenience of the project residents.

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