Project Description

Medoragei Rotshtein – Kfar Yona

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The Project
Enter home, go on vacation!

Between the Sharon citrus fields, in the picturesque Givat Alonim, the Rotshtein terraced buildings grow.
The residential complex was designed as a unique project: unlike a regular saturated construction project, in which every tenant is closed in their own apartment, the emphasis in Rotshtein’s terraced buildings – “Medoragei Rotshtein” was to create an environmental project that connects the residents of the building and their environment.
This private residential complex was built with the intention of preserving the balance between nature and the village and maintain high quality of life.
Each of the six buildings includes only 18 apartments of various types: 4.5-room apartments, garden apartments, mini-penthouses and luxurious penthouses, all come with XL terraces of up to 44 m². Each apartment is allocated 2 underground parking spaces.

The Terraces
The hallmark of the project is the huge balconies created naturally thanks to the terraced front. At “Medoragei Rotshtein”, the residents will enjoy huge terraces of up to 44 m², facing the countryside and the open spaces. Imagine yourself relaxing on the balcony, breathing the clean air and the smell of orchards rising in your head, and children’s cheering is heard in the background. Simply perfect!

A Unique Private Avenue
A unique architectural avenue passes between the project’s terraced buildings, so that in addition to the sense of large space and the natural flow of air created by the avenue, it crosses the buildings and allows to pass between them and even cross in the direction of the public areas serving the neighborhood’s residents.

The Standard – to Aim as High as Possible
At the planning and design stages of the complex, we envisioned a modern family that loves space and hospitality. As a result, especially large apartments were planned, with a large living room, spacious rooms, a luxurious master suite and huge terraces. In order to complete the experience, we provided the apartments a rich interior specification, including: air conditioning for the entire apartment, upgraded kitchen, luxurious finishes, 80×80 flooring, glazed windows and electric shutters.

Green Building Is Not A Slogan, It Is A Worldview
Medoragei Rotshtein’s buildings are designed according to the Green Building Standard No. 5281 – a standard given to projects that cultivate the environment, which are friendly to the environment and to their residents, free of pollutants, precisely adapted to the needs, and energy efficient. Beyond the importance of the ecosystem for the only universe we have, the green design allows for the perfect fit of your needs, and no less important – ensures huge savings in cost of living, and gives you the most healthy life an environment can provide: a pollution-free environment, green lungs for clear air, thermal insulation that saves thousands of Shekels on electricity bills, acoustic solutions for noise protection and for maximum privacy within your home.
Rotshtein is a member of ILGBC – the Israeli Green Building Council, which is a member of WGBC, an international organization operating in more than 90 countries around the world.

The Architects: Barely-Levitzky-Kassif Architects and City Builders – a Philosophy of Quality of Life
The firm of Barely-Levitzky-Kassif Architects and City Builders, which is in charge of the planning of the project, has been operating for over 30 years in all areas of architectural planning and design. The firm employs about 70 architects with extensive experience in planning large-scale projects, and it participates in large and complex projects in Israel and abroad.
In the past 15 years, the firm has been ranked among the five largest firms in the country by Dun & Bradstreet. “Medoragei Rotshtein” project is a special project of the firm, which has been given great attention in terms of the apartments’ design, the unique structure and the emphasis on the rural living environment.
The project was designed by the architect-partner Sagi Morstein in collaboration with the firm’s residential department.