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Rotshtein Hayeruka | Be’er Ya’akov

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In the heart of the lively Gush Dan region, on one of the last land reserves of the center in a pastoral environment, Rotshtein Hayeruka neighborhood in Be’er Ya’akov is growing. The new residential complex, built according to the Green Building Standard, opens a gateway to a new, green and high-quality life, all within easy reach of the center. Rotshtein, the veteran real estate company, which builds the residential complex Rotshtein Hayeruka , offers you – quality couples and families – to recognize this opportunity and choose the right future for you from a wide range of 1,000 residential units spread over 13 luxury towers with large and spacious apartments and 64 single-family homes.
Join the 600 families that have already taken up residence in the excellent neighborhood of Gush Dan. You can also change your lives.