Project Description

Shmurat Rotshtein – Or Akiva

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About the Project
Rotshtein is proud to present ” Shmurat Rotshtein “, a residential complex in the best location of north Or Akiva. The project comprises the construction of three splendid and luxurious residential towers, built using the Green Building principles, and which include: a spacious lobby and a luxurious tenant’s club.

The apartments are meticulously designed with a large living room, spacious bedrooms, a pampering master bedroom, storage space and parking for each apartment, and a sun balcony overlooking an amazing view, in each direction you look: the Carmel ridge on the east, a green and open view on the north, and the view of the Mediterranean sea on the south.

We maintained a large space between the towers to provide maximal privacy, and this space is utilized for the development of a large public park for the benefit of the tenants. This is the time to choose what is right for your family, and live in a luxurious, perfect environment with an abundance of green spaces, neighbors that are fun to know, and an open view of the Carmel ridge and the beach.

You can choose between: 3, 4, and 5-room apartments, mini-penthouses and luxurious penthouses with sea view.

Or Akiva – a Winning Location
Or Akiva is located at a rare spot in the middle of the way between Haifa and Tel Aviv. A short distance away from Rotshtein Reserve, there are two main transportation routes: Road 4 (Old Haifa-Tel Aviv) and Road 2 (Coastal Road), 10 minutes away from Highway 6, which makes the access to the north and center especially easy and convenient. It is also located several minutes by car from the Binyamina train stations, as well as many bus stations leading to all parts of Israel.

About The Neighborhood
HaYovel neighborhood is a new Neighborhood established in recent years in the north of Or Akiva. The neighborhood is opposite Caesarea, close to the Coastal Road and houses young families and couples.
The neighborhood has playgrounds, high-quality educational institutions and a commercial center. The neighborhood’s perfect location allows access to the cultural centers, the nearby Orot Mall, the beach, the golf club, nature reserves and green parks.
In the heart of the neighborhood and next to the project, a large urban park and a new mall will be built, which will serve the residents of the developing neighborhood.

A Green, Healthy and Cost-Effective Environment
According to Rotshtein’s green standard, the Rotshtein Reserve project is also planned according to Green Building Standard No. 5281. In addition to its ecological importance, the green design is also perfectly suited for your needs, ensures great savings in living costs and, in particular, provides you with a very healthy life: pollution-free environment, clear air, energy savings also thanks to thermal insulation that saves thousands of Shekels in your electricity bill, acoustic solutions to protect against noise and ensure maximum privacy within your home.

* Rotshtein is a member of ILGBC – the Israeli Green Building Council, which is a member of WGBC, an international organization operating in more than 90 countries around the world.