Project Description

Tzameret HaEmek – Migdal HaEmek

A new peak of luxurious and green planning and building by the veteran Rotshtein, with standards that were never before seen in the area. The project is built in the high-quality Kiryat Rabin neighborhood, using Rotshtein’s vast experience and reputation in creating a residential environment for healthy, happy families: luxurious residence that respects the tenant, large apartments that allow for privacy, smart planning that encourages the family encounter, spacious rooms with windows overlooking green areas, and building according to a Green Building Standard.

So What Does It Feel Like to Live at The Top?
The three buildings in this project are organized like a crescent around a large wooded garden at the corner of Derech HaBanim and Sinai streets. Thanks to their radial construction design, the buildings spread like a fan overlooking the view at the two frontal directions. Looking east, one can see the reserve and Park Rabin, and looking west, one can see the far, open view of the valley. The project utilizes the topography, and each building has two entrances – one from the garden at the front, and the other on the parking level below.

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