Building a good and beautiful Israel…

Building Israel, with all its diversity and unique human mosaic, is an immense privilege for us.

Rothshtein works to create vibrant communities that live in carefully designed projects, both in the private space of each apartment, and in the public space for the residents’ wellbeing, with maximum attention to the quality of the execution and the quality of the service, from the sales stage and throughout the entire process.

The company’s reputation was built over decades on the values of integrity, excellence, and caring about our employees, partners, and customers, and also on giving back to the community and society wherever we operate, out of a broad perspective and deep sense of national responsibility.


Wherever you look, the world is moving in an eco-friendly direction. Rothshtein has been emphasizing sustainability for years, and we build our projects, without exception, according to Green Building Standard 5281.

These projects are devoid of pollutants, they cultivate the environment, are adapted to modern needs, contribute to a healthier and higher quality of life for its residents, guarantee a significant savings in energy costs, provide acoustic solutions against noise and for maximum privacy.


According to our worldview, our endeavors as a company do not only focus on doing for ourselves, but for our community as well.

At Rothstein, we see ourselves as part of the community, and thanks to the means at our disposal we have the privilege of developing and cultivating that community over the years.

Accessibility statement

Rothshtein Real Estate Ltd. strives to provide an optimal service experience

for the entire public, and carefully maintains a high standard of accessibility in all of its construction projects,at its offices, and on the company’s website. The company’s sales offices on the construction sites, and the company’s offices, are accessible and located in the building with disabled parking and bathrooms. Warning signs are installed on site for blind and visually impaired people, and there is a hearing aid kit in the building. 49 Hasivim Street, Petach Tikva – Park Yanay, Building 6, 5th floorTo reserve a disabled parking spot, call: 073-2555424

Rothshtein Real Estate employees are informed and instructed of their duty to give egalitarian and indiscriminate service to people with disabilities and they are happy to be at your service at all times.The company’s website meets WCAG 2.0 Level AA conformance per Israel Standard 5568. Despite our efforts, some parts of the site may not have been made accessible yet, including documents, plans and scanned documents. If a problem is discovered while visiting the site, please let us know by contacting:

Tom Kotler, CFO and Accessibility Coordinator at Rothshtein Real Estate Ltd. Email: Telephone: 073-2555424

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